Kylie Jenner is one of those girls in a star party whose activities in the world are little known


Kylie Jenner is the one who has taken the piece of the fame pie later than the others (if we don’t take in count Bruce who has transformed his name and gender into Caitlyn Jenner recently ). Kim was already with Kanye, Kourtney was pregnant again, Kendall was conquering catwalks. What was left for Kylie? 17 old year chick decided to pick the method which never failed for their family – plastic surgery.


Kylie Jenner is one of those girls in a star party whose activities in the world are little known. Previously, these beauties were called “socialite”, now they came up with a lighter it-girl.

Kylie makes a lot of pictures for their social networking, communicating with other celebrities (and, again, puts the pictures in the social network) and enters the ratings of journals that track the most fashionable, beautiful and wealthy starlets. The only work, which is known for certain, is shooting in the American reality show “Kardashian Family”.


Kylie-half-sister Kim Kardashian, which is famous for the impressive size of the bust and buttocks.


Kim, of course, each time denied the intervention of the surgeon in my life, but in the star circle it has long been styled one of the main lovers of plastics. Her example, apparently, was contagious for the younger sister.

Drastic changes began in October 2014: Kylie, dissatisfied with her narrow lips, decided to correct the situation. However, significantly increased in size mouth Jenner is not greatly pleased her fans in the comments under the photo, many have noted the artificiality of such beauty, and one of the members even said that now it seems as if the girl was stung by a bee.

And indeed, among cosmetic fillers business is clearly not done, because the mouth of a celebrity looks so great, and his change is clearly part of the surgeon.


Surgeons insist that the nose of beauty has also undergone significant changes. It has become thinner and more accurate, indicating rhinoplasty. And more upturned eyebrows, point to the beauty shots in the office of a cosmetologist.

The star is not limited to the face and decided to adjust the chest, as the habit hinted to his fans with the help of new photos in their social networks. The girl is now not afraid of the neckline and tight-fitting clothes and posing in all angles.

However, on the direct question of plastic beauty only with a smile shrugs and reduces everything to a successful makeup and the ability to choose the right clothes and underwear. But many fans are seriously concerned about the state of Affairs: baby Kylie is only 17 years old, and she survived so many operations. What will happen next?

It’s not like Kylie will focus on this transformation. In a short time, if you believe talkative friends Jenner, the girl will take the buttocks. Although we can see from the photos that Kylie has an already perfect body.


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