Accelerate your metabolism with 3 ingredients!

Try These Effective 3 Ingredient Shots For Accelerated Weight Loss And Improve Your Metabolism And Bowel Movements

In the morning many people want to go back in bed and sleep. That is why most people drink caffeinated drinks including tea or coffee.

These beverages are consumed by most people as a drink for waking up; you need to know that there are healthier beverages which are more efficient.

Digestion booster

If you want to have energy your body has to digest the given nutrients. If you have problems with your digestive system it can lead to lack of energy and other problems.

You will need:

– ½ ounce of lemon juice
– ½ ounce of apple cider vinegar
– A little bit of ginger (grounded)

This drink will help your digestive system to function properly during the entire day. You can add water if the juice is very strong.

Metabolism booster

You will need:

– A little bit of cayenne pepper
– ½ ounce of lemon juice
– ½ ounce of apple cider vinegar

Lemon juice and cider vinegar have many health benefits. That little bit of cayenne pepper will kick up your metabolism and help you to lose weight.

Green smoothie

If you want your energy level to be high you need to consume more protein. This smoothie has 10 grams of protein, vitamin B, C and potassium.

You will need:

– ½ frozen blueberries
– 2 cups of spinach
– 1 slice of ginger
– Stevia (optional)

Combine these ingredients in a blender and if you like you can add water. You can also make a large quantity and store the rest in the refrigerator.

It is very important to have a healthy metabolism in order to have enough energy throughout the day. Our digestive system breaks down nutrients that give us energy and it is responsible for turning nutrients in energy that our body uses.

It is important to eat high-quality food and remember to start your day with proper nutrients. These two health drinks will give you energy and you will have a productive day.


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