Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery

 Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery

Before the fateful movie “transformers” and life before plastic Megan Fox was no different from other ordinary American girls. She suffered the ridicule of classmates who didn’t understand her Hobbies, constantly went to kinkaleri, but received only a secondary role and did not enjoy great success with the opposite sex. Perhaps she would have remained a star of the episodes, but a happy event and a tremendous work made her a star of the first echelon.

Today it’s hard to believe, but Megan Fox before surgery was unremarkable girl with many complexes. Her stepfather was constantly going off on loved ones and never supported Megan in her quest to be an artist and priests in the Church, where the future star went to perform in the choir, forbade her to appear there: they did not like her bold outfits and bright makeup. Almost all the photos before plastic surgery seen as Megan Fox is strongly emphasized eyebrows, painted scarlet lipstick and eyeliner.

But the lack of understanding from others did not affect her desire to be famous.

The girl did not spare himself, waiting hours in the queue for the auditions to get at least an episode of any series. And this has borne fruit. So, in the early 00’s she was able to get a place in the Comedy “holiday in the Sun” in which she starred with the world-famous sisters Olsen.

Then it was a short but memorable whole male population of America appearance in the popular TV series “Two and a half men”.

Then Megan appeared in the shadow of another rising Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan. In the Comedy “Star scene” in 2004 Megan played popular and treacherous in the high school building the machinations of a brand new student.

Finally, in 2007, she smiled a real stroke of luck.


Fox didn’t call for a background story, and given the leading role. Thanks for this, the actress to Director Michael Bay, who was just looking for his movie “Transfery” new faces. He believed that the artist is able to play not only heartless and short-sighted beauties, and will be able to get used to the image of a strong and courageous character. And so it happened: was pleased with the Director and the audience. Two years later, the actress appeared in the second part of “Transformers”, but in third part it is not invited. Rumor has it that Michael and Megan had a big fight, so he quickly found her replacement. But it is possible that his decision was influenced by photos of Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery: after starring in the first part, the star has seriously worked on its beauty.

But without the “Transformers” star found something to do.

In her filmography has appeared not less successful projects “How to lose friends and to force all to hate themselves”, “Jennifer’s Body” and “teenage mutant ninja Turtles”. But despite the fame and large royalties, Megan Fox never made peace with his looks and began to radically change, as evidenced by the photo before and after plastic surgery.

I think that all the actors are in the shower feel a sense of insecurity and self-doubt. And this is the feeling that pushes us in show business. Especially women.

Story Megan Fox before and after has long been axiomatic: this is an example for many women wanting to improve their appearance through plastic.

If before plastic surgery, Megan Fox looked like an attractive cutie, after it became a sex bomb and a charming raider men’s hearts.

In 2007, the artist decided on surgical intervention to increase breast and lips. With the bust all clear: Megan began to invite to act in a candid photoshoot and big bust had only strengthened her glory enchanting beauty.

But the lip is a star, is rumored to be pumped up to resemble its more famous counterpart angelina Jolie. Actresses are constantly compared, and Megan only more tried to emphasise the similarities with the famous Angie.

In 2009, Megan decided on a rhinoplasty. The doctor had to make the nose more straight and narrow, and the tip – over snub. The photo before and after Megan Fox to be seen how much impact these changes in the appearance of a celebrity.

However, in the pursuit of the perfect picture Megan doesn’t know moderation. Most of all, she is addicted to fillers that are injected in cheeks and lips, and Botox, smoothing out wrinkles (and whether they were or Fox again, think of the problems?). Unfortunately, abuse of these drugs makes her beauty artificial. This is clearly seen on photo 2010, where the artist poses at the premiere of “Jonah hex”.

Before and after the transactions has changed not only the appearance of Megan Fox, but her behavior. She started to pose with her mouth slightly open and learned how to do languid eyes. After several years of acting failures and persistent problems with self-esteem, the actress has finally felt at ease!

The fact that Megan Fox will continue the series of injections with fillers, not even questioned. This passion makes her face look like a mask, but the artist, apparently, is a little worried.

The star is also likely to make a breast lift after pregnancy and breastfeeding a third child. By the way, the lift it can combine with the plastic of the belly, if she has to get rid of the folds of the skin remaining after postradalo weight loss. But it is unlikely that the star will again be decided on the increase of the bust. She’s already admitted that the family idyll (she, along with her husband Brian Austin green and father of three children) made her Outlook on life: Fox no longer wants to pose half-naked and participate in sex conoscano. Although it is difficult to imagine Megan Fox without her crown role of a daring temptress, which she was faithful even before the numerous operations.

It is surprising that with the huge number of Boyfriends Megan Fox for over 10 years tied to one man, whom he met even before plastic surgery. Because many fans unfamiliar with the actress in life, consider it the prototype of his heroines, daring, thoughtless and dangerous. But Megan Fox before surgery and after remained a modest girl who dreams of home, children and beloved man. Apparently, actor Brian Austin green also adores his passion, because he willingly accepts all the changes in the appearance of Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery.

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